Friday, September 3, 2021

Why Pre-Wedding Events Require Wedding Photography?

Pre-wedding shoot out is necessary for both bride and bridegroom to create understanding and spend more time with each other. It also helps them to decide and analyze the excellence of the photographer. If they are happy with the photo-shoot out work then they will further fix the photographer for the upcoming wedding event also. Likewise, every coin has two sides similar to that it will open up the option for a photographer to discover the best face looks in advance and apply their skills for the big event functions. Pre-wedding shoot photographer allows us the option to select your desirable historical monument places. We may finalize the city with the number of days and famous monument spots for the pre-wedding shoot.

In reality, photography gives long-lasting life to unforgettable moments that take place in this mega event. These memories help create a strong bond between bride and bridegroom as well as in their family members. Pre-wedding events shoot photographers are intended to capture natural facial expressions, original moments and real life emotions shared by the newly engaged couple. First time newly engaged couples always feel shy in front of the camera. But due to that shy nature, they are unable to give perfect look and poses for the best photographic pictures. This problem gets resolved during a pre-wedding shoot out and they finally become more experienced to face the camera in future programs. 

Out of all questions in the mind of welcome guests, one major question which is quite common is asked by any welcome guest is how both the bride and bridegroom meet with each other. The answer to it has also its importance. Photography has also become a very strong medium to answer all questions asked by the guests in short story videos. It will release too much pressure from the mind of the newly engaged couple. Pre-wedding photo-shoots are one of the superb ways to transfer the feel of love and affection for your fiancĂ©. 

Now a day’s trend of photography has picked up many crucial angles with the help of new digital technology. With the help of a photographer, you may convert a live photography album into a beautiful cinematography album also. You may go for a standstill photographic album also. The benefit of this album is that you may show a still photograph album to any of your welcome guests without the use of any electronic medium. 

All photographers bring their electronic tool to capture all memories of this mega wedding event. Instead of all the latest camera technology, the significant thing matters is the skill of photography. The skill of the photographer is checked from the clarity of capture pictures taken from all important crucial angles. Pre-wedding shoot out results helps a lot in the selection of expert photographer to manage photography in other big events. The photography target behind your pre-wedding shoot out is to create your album more creative and vibrant.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Best Ways To Increase The Immunity Of Human Body

Multiple ways available in the market to increase the immunity power of the human body. But the finest way amongst all is to focus on your daily professional work for all working humans. The best way to work is to develop interest in your work and make your work interesting. 

Another ways to increase the immunity of human body are mentioned below:

Do Yoga and stretching exercises daily in morning hours.
Eat a balanced diet in all meals.
Don’t take stress in any situation.
Connect yourself with any interesting sports activity.
Be playful with your kids at home.
Be confident and finally be satisfied with your work.
Your smile gives reasons to live a healthy life to others.
Don’t talk about fearful topics in front of your kids.
See interesting and funny movies on television for kids.
Try to keep your home environment free from violent activities.
World is full of mysteries. Be ready to learn more about the wonders and mysteries of the world.

Cycling Health Benefits to Increase Immunity of Human Body

Cycling is the best way to workout your blood vessels, heart and lungs. Cycling can help to protect you from diseases such as heart attack, some cancers, stroke, depression, obesity, diabetes and arthritis.

The health benefits of regular cycling helps to increase cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength and flexibility, improved joint mobility, decreased stress levels, improved posture and coordination, strengthened bones, decreased body fat levels, prevention or management of disease and reduced anxiety and depression.

You can fit cycling into your daily routine by riding to the park, nearby shops, school and for office work. There are different types of exercises available to maintain weight control, but the easiest way to reduce weight is to do cycling daily.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Merits and Demerits of Wedding Business Industry Customers During Pandemic 2020

Most people suffer a lot in their business during the pandemic period and many have closed their own business and multiple people shifted from their old business to a new one. There are distinct unique categories available in the market. Out of all, we will focus on the wedding business category in this blog. The analytics graph of wedding business industry customers keeps on decreases day by day due to three-month complete lockdown and restricted guidelines of government night curfew last year. To understand the complete strategy of pandemic 2020, we will discuss the merits and demerits of wedding business clients.

Merits of Wedding Business Industry Customers During Pandemic 2020

No business arrives within the category of wedding business in the three months of complete lockdown last year from 25th March 2020 to 31st May 2020 in four phases all over India. After the lockdown period government imposes a restriction limit on social gathering functions and allow only 50 people to gather in a wedding. Due to which clients have to invest less in the catering department, wedding stay and marriage garden booking department. It will create a lot of savings in a particular wedding function for every client. Free care pandemic test labs and free care services provided by the government to all victims during the pandemic.

Demerits of Wedding Business Industry Customers During Pandemic 2020 

It is a very difficult situation for the wedding business industry customers to decide in advance to invite several members of their marriage event. It is too much essential for everyone to strictly follow all the government guidelines about wearing mask, sanitization and social distancing. In cases, if anybody violates the rules of government guidelines then the government is ready to charge a fine on them. It is a fearful situation for every guest to be a part of the wedding ceremony. Every guest must take full safety while travelling. In case, if any single victim case arises in the gathering function then government cease that place instantly for the quarantine period. They give orders to open that marriage garden until that place is fully sanitized and become free from all disinfectants. Every outsider must have to go through all lab tests relevant to the pandemic and may attend the function after the completion of the full quarantine period.

Recovery Percentage Increases After The Pandemic Takes U-Turn This Year

At last, we have taken a little bit of relief when we saw the number of new cases keep on decreasing day by day. Out of all the successful countries that have launched multiple vaccines to get rid of this pandemic. It takes some more time to get fully recovered and move fearlessly during this pandemic. Due to the deadly effects of the pandemic in 2020, still, people all over the world don't want to do trust the new vaccines. Until the percentage recovery by vaccines reaches 99 to 100 per cent nobody is ready to come in front to take the vaccine individually. 

Lastly, we hope for the best for all victims and all non-victims and we expect that nature and god are truly helpful in maintaining the earth planet free of this pandemic. They again repeat their success to maintain equilibrium all over the universe.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Travel Tourism Industry Interlink Wedding Tourism Industry

There are multiple guests connected with this mega wedding event. In this mega event, all special guests are invited by the wedding party organizer. Out of which wedding party organizer belongs to the bride and bridegroom family. All other guests consist of localized ones, national guests and international guests. For this biggest occasion of life, all closed ones need to travel by taxi cab, bus, train, national and international flights. All guests spend their money directly on the travel industry. The majority of guests out of all guests make further plans to visit all famous monuments in their free time.

The travel industry comprises all means of communications such as flights, trains, bus, taxi and some of them come by their private vehicle. The travel industry also pays high taxes in the form of toll tax to the government. Similarly, the tourism industry also earns from tourists in the form of the ticket price for all valuable and historical monuments within the city. All those guests come by their private vehicle to attend this mega event and also pay taxes in the form of toll tax to the government. 

The tourism industry creates jobs and also increases the demand for food, handicraft and cultural products. Money collected from tourism is helpful to protect the historical monuments, natural landscape and maintain the quality of roads. Nature tourism helps to conserve the oxygenated environment. It will create new demand for tracking, camping, photography, hiking, stargazing, cinema and visiting parks. India reached the 34th rank in the world tourism index for the year 2019 by jumping from the 40th rank for the year 2017. In India, almost 15 million people are engaged directly in the tourism industry. 

The travel and tourism industry is one of the biggest industries in India with a total contribution of over 247 billion U.S. dollars to the country’s GDP in 2018 and it is expected to reach over 500 billion U.S. dollars by 2029. Indian wedding event industry alone estimated to be around 40 to 50 billion dollars in size. Any abroad living guest does travel first and then does stay at the nearby wedding event preferred location. Thereafter they make plans to visit famous historical monuments and spend for tourism purposes. In this manner, both the travel and tourism industry are interlinked with the wedding tourism industry. 

The wedding tourism industry plays a great role in the businesses involved in the travel and tourism sector. Destination wedding tourism annual spending is expected to increase over the coming years. Due to an increase in the number of resorts, hotels and marriage gardens in every state it becomes easier for new couples to get married at their desired location. Wedding couples are more likely to book a package that offers sightseeing tours and meals at local famous restaurants. All wedding, travel and tourism industries combine and provide a boost to the Indian economy. Without all of them, it is very difficult for human beings to play a significant role in the exhilaration of the Indian economy.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Wedding Event Industry Generate Large Revenue Flow In Indian Market

There are many valid reasons available in our country to do celebrations at a single unique place. Out of all reasons, a wedding is one of the most interesting mediums among all. It is because based on this medium multiple families get in connection with each other. Another big reason behind this medium is that this medium helps to create large revenue in the Indian market. Due to this valid reason, people come outside for shopping purposes. This big event is associated with multiple segments. Likewise, those people who want to celebrate their young ones' marriage have to invite their close ones and friends. For that celebration party, people use to book wedding gardens and stay rooms at a single place. Due to this big event, people invest in multiple segments like new clothes, shoes, jewelry, events, food caterer and stay purposes.

All wedding event industries combine and trigger a boost to the Indian economy. Almost more than 10 million weddings take place every year in India. With a projected annual growth rate of 25 to 30 per cent, the Indian destination wedding industry is expected to reach a market size of 45000 Crores by 2020. The key to this big event is that it will connect all segments and create a healthy relationship with each other. Those guests in this social event have to book bus, train and flight tickets in advance. So indirectly the travel and tourism segment is also associated with this wedding event. In other words, we can say that the whole wedding industry plays a major role in generating a large revenue flow in the Indian market.

As per government laws, the act of marriage was written many thousand years ago. Weddings are directly connected to food, event, short term stay, light decoration and music segments. Restricting this big event for a large duration of time during any pandemic will directly create bad effects on the Indian economy. Through this event, multiple labor is associated with it and earn a lot of money in a short period. Similarly, the government also collects a fixed amount of taxes from all owners associated with the wedding event industry, marriage garden, wedding hotel industry and all-new micro, small and large scale start-up industries.

All organizations whether in India and out of India do a trial to uplift this big event and maintain the proper revenue flow in the Indian market. This big event also supports all property owners to manage huge maintenance charges of the property all over the world. Similarly, it will support all the small businesses as well as artificial jewelry, cosmetic, fashion wear, belt, goggles, wedding invitation card market and many more. This social event has now become the topmost category on both offline and online tracks. There are many matrimonial sites like Bharat matrimonial, Jain matrimonial and many more are running based on this social event. Due to nice earning in this event many rich people donate their money in religious institutes, temples, charity organizations and work for god.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Why Wedding Stay Hotels Need Proper hospitality?

Hospitality means to take care of a person from the feel of heart. Another way to understand the meaning of hospitality is to give proper service on time so that guests get satisfied from it. Demand for hospitality comes in many different forms depending upon the variety of guest requirements. Sometimes, it comes in front of us in the form of information about the city, sometimes, it is related with the product requirements and other times it will come in the form of health related issues. Sometimes, it also arrives in the form of little help.

Many times, the guests stay at our premises and have no idea about the city. In that case, it is our duty to explain them and share our thoughts about the city information. Guidance about it includes famous historical monuments, famous food restaurants, tasty dishes available in our city and the popular markets for shopping. Sometimes guests forget to keep the towel, soap, shampoo, hair oil and comb with them. It is our duty to fulfill the requirement of the welcome guests on time. Sometimes our guests forget to keep the first Ad box with them. Whenever our guest meets with an accident at our property premises that time it is our responsibility to give support in the form of free of cost first Ad service to them. Similarly, if our guests suffer from any disease at the time of stay at our premises then it is our duty to provide nearby doctor suggestions to them or avail the family doctor for the recovery of our guest. We must take care of the pick and drop service for the welcome guest so that they will reach our place without any difficulty. Sometimes our guests plan for so many days in our city. Due to which they will bring lots of luggage with them. That time our team helps them to lift their luggage and drop it in their booking room.

There are many special events in which guests need hospitality. Out of all events we find a wedding is one of the significant events which need a little bit more focus for hospitality because in this event we must take care of multiple guests in a single time.

The best resolution to provide the proper hospitality to our guests is to keep the responsibility of hospitality in the hands of well behaved honest fellow. That fellow must know, speak and understand the guest language very well. We must take care of the storage of fresh hospitality products at our wedding stay hotel so that we deliver our hospitality service on time to our welcome guests. Our guest will give the review rating on the basis of multiple points to our property place. In which, one of the major points of all is regard to hospitality. To make our task easier, we distribute our work in different segments. Likewise in top hotels the management task given to different teams and the hospitality service task given to different departments. It will save our time as well as our precious time of guests.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

How to Manage Budget Wedding Venue at Prime Location

Every person has its own maximum and minimum budget limit for the celebration of special occasions. Some manage their budget in booking an wedding venue and some will manage their budget in the food catering department and the rest of them manage their rate budget in the event decoration department. There are many key points where you all manage your wedding budget in all the three major departments. 

First of all we discuss the key points related with the booking of wedding venues at prime locations on a proper budget. The probability to minimize budget in booking a wedding venue is somewhat lesser in comparison to other departments because wedding venues come with fixed and proper structure only. We are not authorized to change that building structure. We take discount offers from that property owner, only if we either have good relations with him or we apply our own marketing strategy with him. Well mannered marketing strategy is that we say that our guest gathering is not too much at that time period so we want some discount from the property owner side. Still that wedding place is not coming in your budget then you will book the demanded portion only. Likewise some marriage gardens have more than one floor building structure. Again if that wedding venue occupies some space in your heart but still it is not coming in your budget then the last but not the least option is to book that wedding venue on another off season date and ask for some off season price discount directly from the property owner. This time the probability was hundred percent that you found your relevant wedding venue in your own budget. 

Second top major department in case of any wedding function is the catering department. See if you want to book any hotel and take catering service from the same hotel then obviously that hotel becomes costlier for you. If you want to make the same hotel in your budget then apply this marketing strategy key point and ask to do your own independent caterer for that place. If the hotel owner says yes then it is your fortune and if he/she says no then don't get ready to compromise in a hygienic and tasty food caterer. Apply your key point marketing strategy and ask him to give some time so that you yourself are able to search for other options where you will manage your independent caterer. Most caterers give discount offers only when the numbers of welcome guests are more. Go for an independent caterer option so that you are able to save a lot and also enable the best service with tasty food to all welcome guests. 

None other than else but the third and the last major department is the event department. Event department comprises a decorative colorful tent, nice stage setup, flower decor, table, chair, jumbo cooler, AC and light decoration. Maximum probability of discount is available in this department because in this department the same thing is used in multiple marriage functions. You must deal in a package to display maximum decorative things in your personal budget. I guarantee you that every person is capable to save almost 25 percent to 30 percent of money out of your overall wedding budget ceremony inclusive all major departments.